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Phosphate Prices

The price that a producer can obtain for phosphate rock concentrate is mainly dependent on the percentage of P2O5 contained in it.

The price quoted for Moroccan phosphate rock concentrate is representative of the price that would apply for Stonegate's phosphate rock concentrate because of expected similarity in P2O5 content.

The chart below is for the price of Moroccan phosphate rock concentrate once it is loaded on a ship at a Moroccan port (FOB stands for "free on board"). The price does not include shipping costs from that port to the final destination. Historical prices in the chart are for Moroccan phosphate rock concentrate with 32 - 33% P2O5. However, apparently due to lower grades in the concentrate it is producing, Morocco widened the specifications for its benchmark price in the fourth quarter of 2010 to 31 - 33% P2O5.

Phosphate Prices

Downstream Phosphate Fertilizer Prices

Phosphate rock concentrate is used mainly to manufacture downstream phosphate fertilizer products, including diammonium phosphate (DAP), monoammonium phosphate (MAP), single superphosphate (SSP) and triple superphosphate (TSP).

A regularly watched market price for downstream products is the spot price for DAP US$ Bulk Florida/U.S. Gulf FOB. The price includes the cost of loading it on a ship at a U.S. port in the area but not the cost of shipping it to its destination.

Diammonium Phosphate Prices